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I was thinking about ways to improve the social aspects of the game, and wanted to throw out a couple of ideas that incorporate existing ideas in new ways.

Since there are a lot of people here that love this game, but don't always put up the best solutions, I think that it would be good to reward those people for their efforts, and continue to keep their interest while they progress and build their skills.

At current, the only way I see of getting award points is by doing the duel puzzles. I think that these points could be turned into a bit of a commodity that would be more desirable, and could channel players focus into new areas. Some examples:

+1 award point for each achievement gained.

+1 award point per puzzle if you successful evolve a teammates solution.

+3 award points for the player who has the highest score combining both the actual score and the distance from the mean on the exploration map (to reward those that come up with a good solution in a completely different direction) (this could be reversed for design puzzles so that the player with the highest score and least divergence from the original design would be rewarded when desired.) this might require showing an additional score, perhaps on the exploration map.

I think that these award points can be used to channel players focus towards the teams desired goals, and to steer players into areas that the developers would like to see more effort. It may mean doing away with duel puzzles, or perhaps only giving 1 pt for each 5 puzzles won, or something different.

In addition to changing how the points are awarded, I think that some more powerful tools could be implemented to encourage people to accumulate them, such as:

10 pts, load the best solution as a guide for the duration of the puzzle.
20 pts, enable the copy from guide option on a puzzle for the duration of the puzzle.

In addition to this, I would like to suggest that a persons points can be gifted to another person on their buddies list if they choose.

I think using achievements to push the points would be preferable, since new players could accumulate them more readily than players with more experience.

Also, I think new achievements could be added for social aspects, such as sharing a puzzle with a group, logging in for X consecutive days, gifting X points to friends, etc.

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