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make the colors of the undo graph user chooseable (and if only with an options.txt with the line "graph color 1 = FF0000")

Especially for color blind people useful.

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Speaking for the colorblind folding contingent, I can say that while this sounds like a great idea, in reality, it would not be helpful.

I have only a moderate case of protanomaly (red-weak color vision) and deuteranomaly (green-weak color vision). On a monitor, however, I can distinguish only a handful of colors: white, black, grey, blue, and red... which happen to be the five colors used here in colorblind display mode. I could also use yellow or green, but not both, since on the monitor those two colors look exactly alike to me.

So I have the ability to use only four, maybe five colors (black on black doesn't work real well) to distinguish some dozen functions on the undo graph. Even if I could choose the colors I wanted, I don't have enough viable choices to get the job done; and I don't have good enough color vision to distinguish different shades of the same color, either. And so, I ignore the undo graph, except to return to a specific peak or trough.

For more info on the various forms of colorblindness, go to:

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I`m not colourblind, but we should have more options for players who need it.

The link above is broken.

Try this link:

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closing after 2 years and comment from a vet colour blind user


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