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One Hour Wizards
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Name: One Hour Wizards
Manager: steveB
Type: Moderated
Formed: 12/28/09
Description: Play is limited to one hour per puzzle

If you enjoy playing foldit, but don't have the time to spend endless hours manipulating the protein structures then you should consider joining this group.

As a member of the 'One Hour Wizards', you are limited to playing for a maximum of one hour on each puzzle - allowing you to still play the game, but preserving your sanity and personal relationships at the same time :)

The benefit to the foldit project is that by restricting the time on each puzzle, the only way to succeed within the group is to develop incredibly efficient folding methods and thereby provide the foldit project with the most effective strategies for folding proteins. To this end, all of the super fast folding strategies that players develop must and will be shared between the group members.

An additional benefit from the groups existance is that we will be providing a time benchmark on puzzles by which other players from other groups can judge their game play.

The initial goal of the group is to reach top 10 positions in soloist competition.

The ultimate goal is to get a 1st place in soloist competition - the question is can that be done by using clever team work and efficient stategies?


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Puzzle Scores

PuzzleRankScorePointsLast Played
Beginner Puzzle 12: E-Coli293,962101/01/70
Beginner Puzzle 13: Saposin D29,4677401/01/70
240: Mini-CASP 12e810,3641401/01/70
241: Mini-CASP 13a1211,350301/01/70
242: Mini-CASP 13b1111,327201/01/70


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