How are we doing on CASP?

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I went to the CASP site and realized I didn't have any way of seeing how the foldit community was doing. What group are the submission under? How are things going?

Just curious.

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If we're the DBAKER submission ... or a part of it ... then congrats.

Now the question is how much of that score (out of the 64 submissions) did the Foldit community make significant contributions to?

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Hey telesphore4,

The CASP experiment runs every 2 years.

CASP 8 was during the summer of 2008 (right as Foldit started) and yes, we had Foldit submissions under the DBAKER group. They were mostly in the refinement category; you can see the CASP 8 results here:

So the next CASP experiment, CASP 9, will start in May 2010 (mark your calendars!!!) and run until August 2010.

The current mini-CASP puzzles that we are posting are for you (and us) to practice for CASP 9.

Here is more info about mini-CASP:

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So how are the foldit scores in comparison to the released protein scores ?


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