No .pdb or .opdb file found

Case number:845829-987017
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Opened on:Tuesday, November 10, 2009 - 23:13
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I wanted to accept and play a Duel with a Teammate. I had Puzzle 221 open and just when I clicked on play the whole Foldit hung up with the Message "Folit.exe has encountered an Error and needs to be ended."
Then I started Foldit again and tried to start the Duel even before loading a Puzzle. Now I got the Message "No .pdb or .opdb File found".

Is it just me or has anyone else seen this?


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No one having the same Issue?

Now i lost this Duel with my Teammate because i did not respond - which i couldn't due to above Issue...

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Same again here!

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I have the same issue. I was play puzzle 249 and acceped a duel. Then Foldit crashed and after restart I got the Message "No .pdb or .opdb File found" if I tried to play the duel or puzzle 249.
After restarting Foldit agian I can continue puzzel 249, but if I try to play the duel Foldit crashes again.
I am run Foldit on Windows 7 64bit.

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I'm also running Foldit on Win 7 pro x64. I wanted to accept and play a Duel but got again the same error: No .pdb or .opdb file found, the 2nd Try it said "you are already in a Duel"

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Same here and at a mate of me, but we both are running a 32-Bit OS (Win XP).

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Old puzzle. Closing case.


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