Won duel reported as loss

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I was challenged to a duel by Mrpollackisgoingdown. I won the duel (he never completed it) and got notification that I had won and been given the award points, but, on my home page, it shows as a loss for me and shows as a win for him on his page. I've searched through all the duellists, for that puzzle, and cannot find either of our scores anywhere.

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I had the same problem on some of my duels a few months ago (notification of a won duel but on my page it was a "Loss"). I never complained about it because it's only duels but if it is a general problem maybe someone should take a look at the issue.

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Here, other way around.
I've lost a duel and it was reported as win.

Maybe, it has something to do with the GUI and the internet statistics,
or with your last result on the puzzle (which must not be the best) and the very best solution (which can be anywhere and not only at the end).

So the GUI only checks the last result, but when uploading, all solutions are compared?
This would explain, that somebody wins, if the other person didn't finish (the opponent has got stuck and zero points at the end), but the opponent had a better solution (for example at the begginning) not at the end, and if all soultions are compared, the opponent wins.

Just my two cents.

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I'm guessing this could be the problem, because you can't use the set/restore (very) best functions, and not being able to use them could mean, that even the best results are not stored.

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