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In a discussion on chat last night, we tossed around the idea of starting some type of foldit lua scripting working group.

The idea would be to gather everyone who is actively working (or interested in working) on scripting in foldit in one place -- either a discussion group or some type of project site (google wave!!! if we could get ahold of one!). Please let me know if anyone thinks of another great meeting site!

So far, members would be:

gneutral (?)
mcurtis (?)
judecca (?)

Anyone else interested? Everyone is welcome -- even non-programmers and folks who are new to scripting in foldit!


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P.S., I put in for a google

P.S., I put in for a google wave and wrote up a whole thing about how cool our working group is and why we need one ... I don't have a lot of hope, but it's a possibility -- who knows?

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I will participate...

...when I'm strong enough again.
It's a good idea!

But at the moment, I'm still having the urge to loose my meals because of the gamma rays and headache from the 4 screws drilled against my skull.
In addition, my gf seems to have problems with the whole situation, so I will have to look after her this weekend.

So, what is google wave?

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count mee in, sounds like

count mee in, sounds like fun.

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Did this workgroup ever get

Did this workgroup ever get off the ground? I'm interested.

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Well, Themarquis needed a rest, but I still answer some questions about scripting.

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google wave

I prefer an "etherpad" over google wave. Just google for it ;) and find a server that suits you. Have a look at it.

I would like to join, but have no time.

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Me too!

I`m on IT! Just tell what and where :D

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I'll contribute

It would be nice if we could get beta_helix or seth to sit in some time or other, so we can gripe about features and priorities.

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Also interested

Will also contribute - to extent of time and ability - sounds like this could become an excellent sharing / teaching / learning venue; something I'd like to be a part of from the get-go.



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