Exploration condition in 216, 217, and 219

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In these three puzzles, a backbone structure that is too far away from the start will not be accepted. While one could certainly save the starting configuration and then load it as a guide to see if the backbone has deviated too much, the problem is that we don't know how far is too far.

==> Solution: It would be nice if a vertical line could be drawn on the exploration map to show the cutoff (the same could apply to exploration puzzles where one must be far enough from the start).

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If you open the Conditions tab, you can click Show next to the exploration condition, and it will show you the backbone used for computing the distance from start. Adding something to the exploration map would also be useful.

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I've got a question:
If I load a solution to evolve, will this create a dot more on the right and not on the leftmost side?
I'm just asking, because I'm not sure if I understood the X-axis correctly.

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Old puzzle. Closing.


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