choosing a specific sidechain or segment to center on display

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With the advent of the "freestyle" puzzles, it is increasingly difficult to get a specific piece of the backbone and its sidechain to be centered on my display without much keyboard and mouse gymnastics.

The "Q" and "Shift Q" functions will center a segment that is visible on the screen. But what if the protein is 150 segments long, stretched out, and most of it is out of sight? What if I want to work on segment #1, and then segment # 150, immediately after?

I want to be able to center a specific sgement on my screen, so that I can work on it and its neighbors without first wasting countless point-and-clicks trying to find it and manipulate it into place.

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If "Q" would consider all selected segments, zooming out would be easy.

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You missed my point, Crash.

If my desired segment is well off the screen, there is nothing to select. Zooming out to infinity to fit the entire protein on the screen is often not helpful, as the individual segments might appear too small to separate from one another. I want to be able to move to a specific place, in one motion.

I would like to see a function added: click the function, a pop-up window appears asking "center which segment?" Enter a number, hit the "locate" button, and the view shifts to the segment desired.

This could also be modified to center a specific amino acid, if you were, say, looking for a glycine to bend into a hinge.

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You are right, if everything is selected, and it would be zoomed out to fit to screen, the segments would be too small, sothis wouldonly work on tiny, compressed puzzles.

Numeric input sounds useful, as you´ve said (or a scrollable list, or both)
Ctrl-Q as hotkey would be nice ;)

If it is hard to realize on the GUI, maybe a script-command combined with select_index()before would be possible?
I tried it with select_index(), pressing q afterwards, but this doesnt seem to work.

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Crash... please stop assigning this to me. I can't do beans about it.

Admin: who should take ownership?

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Bumping this, as it seems to have gotten lost with the last assignment.

Lowering priority to five... I've lived without it for four years. :-)


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