Multi start puzzles with Names or Numbers

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Multi start puzzles with Names or Numbers

Could we have names or numbers for each of the Predictions puzzles starts.

I believe it would help players with
1) To Commentate with others players which Predictions puzzle he/she is playing or had played.
2) Keeping track of the puzzles played, when doing multi session game play over hour or days.
3) Saving the Predictions puzzle.

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The easiest way would be to "broadcast" each prediction as extra puzzle.

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I want to recall this thread, as there are some multi-start-puzzles again.
The idea to broadcast all predictions in an extra puzzle, I was told, makes no sense, as there will be too many in the puzzle menu, okay.

But how about choosing them manually, extra to the random choosing like the game does it already?
Tlaloc created a nice script for this:

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This was implemented with the button on the Alignment Tool:

Clicking on the 'Score' button (#16) will toggle the fields below to reflect the model number.

Any multi-start puzzle will have all the random starting models available as templates using the Alignment Tool. Although the sequences will be identical, the threaded structures will be very different from one another.
We will also always try to include an extended chain in the template reserve (which is not part of the starting multi-start models) which will be called 'extend' in the name field on the right of the Alignment Tool (#17 in the above link).


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