More constraints are needed for puzzle 210

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When I first started Puzzle 210 yesterday, the first thing that I noticed was that every residue could be designed AND that no constraints are placed on the residues. As a result, there's nothing that could stop a player from generating the giant helices that were discouraged in previous design puzzles. Furthermore, it seems to me that either the limit for adding extra residues for this puzzle is too high, or that there isn't one at all. As a result, players could create artificially high-scoring designs simply by adding an indefinite number of residues.

Why do I know this? Because I found it out by trial and error-- namely, by adding a long helix containing only hydrophilics. Clearly, this would go against the goal of designing a biotin binder. Hence, is it possible to re-create another version of the same puzzle that scores only the ligand but NOT the protein binder?

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Tip of the hat to inf. As an underline to make the point, I have my alternate account currently at 15534. I'd let it run to 20,000 on an overnight mutate, but I think it might break the Interweb.

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Picked up on this from CFC and ran my score to 13500+ just to add to the point.

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Puzzle closed long time ago. Closing.


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