Enable Copy and Paste of Text in Client

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1) Copy and Paste in Chat Windows
2) Copy and Paste in the Lua Editor
3) Copy from the Recipe Output

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Copying and Pasting seems to be supported, however because you can't select text the entire text is copied/replaced.

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Copy/paste is currently supported only on Windows.

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Paste: yes
copy : no

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Yes, you can paste text INTO the game, but not copy it OUT OF the game.

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If copying text out of the recipe output window is not that easy to do, writing the text to an output logfile would be another possibility.

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As far as I can tell, both copy and paste work in text boxes on Windows. Ctrl+C will copy all the text in a text box if it has the keyboard focus (after clicking on it).

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It does. ctrl+c will copy from the text window, ctrl+v will paste, and ctrl+x will cut. You must click into the window first. It works on the entire window...you cannot select text in the editor.

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Copying out still doesn't work for scripts, only pasting into the script editor.

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Copy out of the script editor works for me. What platform are you on? Maybe the script is too large?

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WinXp SP2, Win7 64Bit.

I correct:
As soon as the cursor is in the script editor, you can copy all with control-c!
The only thing is that there is no way to make a selection.

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Marking as resolved. Copy/Paste will work on OSX in the next update as well.

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And how about @, { and } on non-English keyboard layouts?


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