Essential Libraries Missing from Lua Implementation

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math, string, table, io, os, etc...

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These libraries were intentionally left out to keep the language simpler.

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With this feedback entry, I am requesting that Lua core functionality be restored.

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I think at least math, string and table should be included to allow scripting with more complex algorithms. io and os, however, could present a security problem, e.g. scripts shouldn't be able to create/modify files.

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Yes, some mathematical functions, random numbers or constants like pi would be nice.

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Math is really a biggie, I think. pseudorandom number generation is almost impossible w/out that math library, as are a lot of other basic calculations that people might want to do. At the very least, if you guys are bound and determined not to inlcude Math give us a get_random_segment() function or something.

The file i/o stuff would also be useful for a lot of folks. I want text output files (the in-game one doesn't store more than a couple hundred lines) and I want to read from files. Minimally, for file reading, I want to write a script in an editor and then save it in the foldit data folders and run it from foldit, either via the gui or loadfile from a script.

Scripting is great -- keep improving it!!!

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Changing project.

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Done. The lua math, string, table, parts of os and base library are implemented and will be available in the main release soon.

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Marking as resolved.


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