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Opened by:Brad Taylor
Opened on:Sunday, September 20, 2009 - 18:41
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Could we get an exploding band? I suppose you could get it by allowing the band strength to go negative. This would be useful in scripts where pulling is not an option

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Do you mean a band that pushes apart? You can set the length of the band to something long, would that work?

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yes a band that would push apart is what I would like to see. I think a negative strength would be a good way to control it. But I don't quite know what you mean by setting the length to 'something long'.

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I haven't really played around with setting the length before. It works pretty well to push a structure apart. Lots of cool new features in Foldit now. ;) I guess I should be asking to be able to set lengths in cookbook.

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Would be a good idea to turn a puzzle inside-out.

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We can make bands length up to 10000 units. Done.

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We also need this for GUI, not only for scripts.
At the moment, maximum value for setting length via GUI is still <=20.
Maximum length value should be there distance from first to last segment.
This would stretch the puzzle entirely out.
(or about 3.8*segment index distance).
Numerical input could help.

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I set this to ongoing, as we still need this for GUI, too,
maybe not with that high maximum value (10,000).


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