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I am using windows vista and when I am installing foldit, the screen goes blue. does anyone know what happened?

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Well, I have the same

Well, I have the same problem. I have windows XP. I open fold it and it crashes before i can sign in. Its the same no matter how many times I reinstall it. My JAVA is fine btw.

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JAVA posts are SPAM

Those posts ^^ about Java with links to who-knows-what are SPAM, and should be removed.

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You need to post this problem to feedback

Best way to garner support for the problem would be to post it to http://fold.it/portal/feedback rather than the forum.

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That's right.
This shouldn't be here!

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Have a look ...

...at those user profiles.

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Yesterday I already wrote

Yesterday I already wrote admin a PM concerning this spam. Maybe it's not that easy to remove spam in the middle of a thread.


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