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I'd like the following feature in recipes:

when I want to add bands programmatically, as it is now, I can specify two groups, and everything in the first group is connected to everything in the second group. I find that way too restrictive.

For example, I might like to connect stride 1 to stride 6, stride 2 to stride 7, stride 3 to stride 8, stride 4 to stride 9, etc etc. There could be a procedure for that, you pass it 5 as a parameter, and then it connects stride n with stride n+5, for all n.

Way better than that would be, if you could define variables and had control structures like loops.

(Really nice would be if you could just write JavaScript, and access the strides as an array. But that's probably too much work; or is it? )

So I did the above band thing for the "free style" problem, then did a global wiggle, then removed the bands and wiggled again, and was over 8000 just from that.

I actually expected a nice helix to form by virtue of the bands, but what do I know, I'm not from the field, and only with it since 2 days or so. Anyway, the protein got pretty compact that way.

Please Please Please expose the API (with which foldit is calling all those features in the toolbar) more! Lot's of gamers are probably programmers like me, and I'm sure you'll get great results and lot's of applause by adding more exposure to the API.

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Stoppable Iterations

Recipes are a good tool for improving, but sometimes they take much time, so it would be great if a shaking/wiggling command for x iterations could be stopped/skipped manually, when nothing happens, so you don´t have to wait all the time.

A question:
Is there a search function for the forum?

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Recipe position when running

When running a recipe, it often appears that some steps are very powerful, and other don´t do a change.
So it would be great to know the position of the batch, so this step can be repeated!

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Forget the last two

Forget the last two entrys.
I've found it out.


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