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I joined up with Foldit a couple of weeks ago using my Boinc handle, Lazarus-uk. A few days later I changed my login/handle to '-Mark-' (never did like Laz-uk). The problem is, the chat name has stayed as Lazarus-uk. I appear in the rankings as -Mark-, so no problem there. The only place it appears is in chat. Is there any way to change my chat name to '-Mark-' to match my login.

Not sure if it's connected, but I've tried posting about this on three occasions, in the forum, with no success. The message says it's uploaded, but it never appears. Possibly a mix-up with my irc key and/or id?

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I know this isn't exactly high-priority at the moment, but an answer, or any kind of reply would be nice... please...


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Currently there is no mechanism to update chat handles after usernames change. It has been something we have considered for a while though, so I will think about how best to implement it.

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Looks like it is still in progress :) Just changed my nick (only "r" to "R") and irc still shows same nick.


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