"Tabbed" Folding: Fold Multiple Proteins Simultaneously

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I have noticed that when you are working on a few different proteins, you have to stop working on one in order to start working on another. It would seem to me that especially since you aren't always having to keep an eye on whatever you're using at the moment (e.g. you're running a long recipe or you're letting something like Wiggle or Mutate Sidechains run for a while to check back later), that seems like time lost when you could be busy setting up rubber bands or doing something else on another protein that does require your full attention.

If it's not too difficult to implement or would slow down the program too much, maybe you could have something similar to browser tabs in the game window, each one corresponding to a different protein that you're working on. Then you could work on another protein when your other one(s) are doing something that you'll let run for a while before coming back to it/them. In addition, if you decide to stop working on a particular protein but keep working on others, you could just close its tab and switch back to the one you were last on.

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I really like the browser tab idea. Also there could be split screen options to view multiple proteins.

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...and morphing the tabbed proteins, when they belong to the same puzzle.

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It is remotely possible?
That way all IRC and loading recipe problem will gone - no need to open few clients.

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I think there is a nice way to visualize/structure this feature:
You could have a tree for each new puzzle. At the root you find the starting configuration (or have multiple trees for each starting configuration, if there are multiple ones). From there you can start off in a number of ways, each displayed as an edge and this structure keeps on forking. Like this you have an overview over the different approaches you chose and now you can easily work parallel on multiple configurations. Especially on multi-core-systems this improves the parallizability, as each configuration is independant. For example if you encounter a promising configuration in midgame, you start one thread, where it is further refined by endgame-scripts and another where you try major changes at the same time.

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My original idea was just to have separate tabs for separate puzzles, but doing the same for branches of the same puzzle would also be quite nice (maybe you could have tab groups then, like in Firefox or IE).


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