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When I click on the "players" tab, I see the list of top evolvers, in order of decreasing global evolver score. One used to be able to go to the upper right hand box on that page and go to the several different lists of top soloists. Now, we can see only "players with pictures" and "players with profiles". Why aren't we allowed to see the list of global soloist rankings?

Not everyone has a picture or a profile, including several of the highest ranked folders. I like knowing who's above me and below me in rank; and I like to see how many points I'll need to move up another rank. Now, I can't.

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They were there, then they were gone...

Totally agree, it's a handy little reference to see above and below your rank. They seemed to disappear after 175 closed last Friday, if thats any help at all...

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It's an automatic thing that

It's an automatic thing that switches off ranking lists without points in them. It's obviously not working correctly and I'll look into it today.

By the way, this sort of stuff is best for the feedback tracker. I would have noticed it yesterday there, for instance.


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