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Before I go out and buy a new PC, can anyone tell me if Foldit works on Windows 7 ?
I'm running XP at present and don't particularly want to move to Vista.

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Works like a charm here. No

Works like a charm here. No problems yet.

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Works better than Vista or

Works better than Vista or even XP for me. Just make sure when you get that new computer to get a really beefy video card.

So far, everything I've tried works wonderfully on Windows 7.

The few hardware issues that were present in the first beta run are gone now, and I have nothing bad to say about the OS at all.

I guess now Nintendo isn't the only company in Redmond producing good stuff :P

actually, I can't say that, the intellimouse has always been a great product.

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Ive got a question...

My sister has got a relatively brand-new PC with Dual-Core-Processor, nice graphics-adapter and Windows 7.
I don't have used Wndows 7 very much, but I've seen that Windows 7 uses two folders for programs.
One regular called "Programs" and another called "Programs(x86)".

What's the difference, and in which folder should FoldIt be installed?


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"Programs" is for 64 bit

"Programs" is for 64 bit programs, "Programs (x86)" for 32 bit. As FoldIt is only available in 32 bit, install it in "Programs (x86)". I think it should preselect the folder for you anyway at installation.

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Looking good

Looks good from here. I just started playing yesterday after watching a 40 minute video on youtube about this from Chris Pirillo. It made me interested and sure am enjoying this. :D

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...thanks a lot.
I had installed it there by intuition, but good to have an affirmation.

Another question:
Did someone also have connection problems or slowdowns, when both IP-protocols (IPv4 and IPv6) were activated and FoldIt made an update at start or first install?
In my case, often the download was very slow or stucked right in the middle (sometimes a task-priority-change to higher helped, although it's a dual-core processor)

I had the impression, that deactivating IPv6 makes Foldit getting files better (because of compatiblity?)
This was an advice of a friend who works at a computer-reseller and is responsilbe for customer-service and receiving error-reports.

But the download-problem can also depend on the router (network-cables are brand-new) or its settings (as I just guess) or on the board's built-in network-adapter.
Does Foldit use a special port which should be mapped for connection, similar to ICQ or download-programs?

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chiery, is your PC infected or did you do this by purpose?

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More spam from Nathanial

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As Foldit installs into "Program files (x86)" on Windows 7, I presume that foldit is a pure 32-bit application.

Will there later be a 64-Bit version?
The current PC my gf uses is a 64-Bit CUDA dual-core system, using the graphics adapter as extra processors.
So this system is optimized for 64-bit applications, and 32-bit applications run only as "fast" as on my "single-core" system.

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64 bit and multi-core are
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First timer on Windows 7....Foldit won't start

Install goes off without a hitch, but when I start the application I am treated to a blank black foldit window which is almost immediately indicates "Not Responding" and the application never starts...Has anyone seen this?


Nate Wells
Boston, MA

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I have the same problem with Fold it not responding

I am running a 64 bit Intel Core 2 i7 PC with Windows 7 and an NVidia GeForce GTX 295. The fold it window goes blank after start up and stops responding.

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More info on fold it not responding

I have just updated the video drivers, and moved the installation directory to a folder for which I have administrator privileges. The problem with fold it not responding has not gone away. Thoughts, anyone?

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Try to wait

up to 2-3 mins.
Sometimes it have to wait for server...

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Win 7 still not responding.

This isn't a network connection issue.

I let it sit for 2 hours, ant it still hasn't responded

The log file has the following error text:
Can't open options file options.txt. (..\..\..\mini\src\interactive\application\Application.cc:77)

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Windows 7 still not responding...

The program has been running for several days now and I still have a non-responsive window. I am not convinced that this is a network issue.

I have tried many things that other people have posted on this forum. I have tried installing in the default location (Program Files(x86)) and in another directory (Games\Foldit) with the same result. I have tried running both the installer and the executable with administrator privileges. I have ensured that all my drivers are up to date. I have tried uninstalling and downloading a new copy of the installer. Still no joy.

I have successfully run Foldit on this same machine in an Ubuntu 10.10 VM, so I suspect that there may be a dependency issue on my Windows box. Does Foldit require specific versions of MSys, Mingw32, Lua, etc? Is there some way to get more information about what is going on during start-up?

If someone can point me in the right direction, I would be glad to track down this problem and report back to the community.


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