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1) Stopping Mutate is excruciatingly slow.

2) There is no feedback in the UI, other than perhaps intently watching the score, as to how these are progressing so you've no real idea when to stop them. Displaying the iteration number would be useful.

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1) True.
2) I don't think the iteration number would be very useful. I just stop it when the score doesn't change for a while, the same with shake and wiggle.

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This would come especially handy when making and testing a new recipe, since you have to specify the iteration number for Shake and Wiggle. This could help you better judge how quickly that particular step of the recipe gets through its iterations.

On Mutate Sidechains, I do have to wonder sometimes what it's exactly trying to do when sitting there before any changes start to occur. I don't really like having to wait for a long time before finally figuring out that it's not doing anything, then spend even more time stopping it.

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The never ending shake doesn't work in my humble opinion. Instead of gaining time, it only takes more time, as I'm not sure when to stop it now (and a shake didn't take too long before the change)

The never ending mutate isn't a great succes either, as that one DID take a long time before, but instead of speeding up the process, I'm now endlessly guessing if I should stop it or not. And if I do, it takes a lot of time for it to really stop.

I do like that you can stop it while it's in progress, and still gain the points you've earned up to that point!! :)
But I dislike it that the program no longer shows when there are no more points to gain.

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Wiggle stops instantly. Shake and mutate can run even minute after we hit "stop" button.

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On the first, I made a feedback already, although I put it ad deprev. I guess it isn't just that. I will update that.


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