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As you are surely doing new tutorial levels, with the new interface and all, I think it is good to have a discussion before.

With the increasing number of tools it is in my eyes absolutely necessary to give the newbies more room to play.
A while ago I already made suggestions to these topic, and the thread lead to the beginner puzzle. I want to warm up this thing a bit.
As I stated there, a "playing level", were the player could use what he has learned between the tutorial levels would be good.

To make it short, I think the best would be like this:

You have several groups of tutorial levels. (Important point here: DON'T automatically jump to the next level if the score is reached. Make it a question and if the player chooses to stay at the level, give him a button. That could probably help with the "I don't know, what I have done, but is solved the puzzle", because he can try to find out or just get a better feeling for the tool.)
After each group the player "earns" a "training level" where he can use what he has learned. This level is easy(small), like a duel puzzle. It has a certain target point number, which the player has to reach. He can always skip this level. (And if that is possible (that is makes sense), the program gives him hints like "You have not used shake for a long time, you could try it".)
After that, there comes the next group of tutorial levels, and then the next training level...

With finishing the tutorials he then has the beginner levels. These are several levels with different structures/approaches. One could be solely for learning to connect sheets, one could have the goal "here you have a long line of Amino acids, all loop. Make it into a helix", and then there is a small and a big level with a guide, like the "quest to the native" puzzles.
These beginner levels all have the native points in the description. Thats sort of a goal. (and btw. you could test the scoring mechanism with it ;)). These levels are open to everyone. If someone wants to try or train something, he goes there.
Of course, the current level with the monthly score reset and only for <150 is there, too.

That doesn't fit in the current way how the puzzles are organized, so it needs a new category like the existing tutorial and science puzzles.
On the website it could be an extra point under puzzles.

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your suggestions are well thought out but I am wondering how long anybody will want to spend away from the competition puzzles. Already newbies are keen to rush through the intro puzzles not caring how or why they passed them, and to be honest, when I started, I couldn't have cared less what it was I did that made my score top the required level, as long as I could move to the next and hopefully last one.

Although the intros are needed to introduce the tools and interface, there is no better training ground than a real comp puzzle and learning is ongoing anyhow with each new update. It is the competition aspect that will gear people up to learn more, most of the time by accident even, and once they get the hang of it, might then think about why their score increased on certain occasions.

Maybe what's needed is just a 'playground' for everybody to visit whenever skills need to be polished.

PS: I have been folding since Nov 2008 and took nearly 1 hour to complete the new 4-5, feeling slightly nauseous at the end of it with all the 3D manoeuvres. If I were a newbie, I'd certainly not sign up for any more of those voluntarily :(

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"Maybe what's needed is just a 'playground' for everybody to visit whenever skills need to be polished."

Thats what the extra(!) training levels /beginner puzzles are fore. Nobody has to take them, but everybody can. May I quote myself?
"These levels are open to everyone. If someone wants to try or train something, he goes there."

"If I were a newbie, I'd certainly not sign up for any more of those voluntarily "
And there are even more players that pass the tutorials without knowing why. Thats the biggest problem.

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how do i start ?

how do i start ?

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Where do I find the tutorials as listed on the beginners puzzle? Are they video's? I can't find the links.

Make sure you have followed these tutorials:
- Lonely Sheets,
- Lock and Lower,
- Rebuild,
- Structure and Rebuild,
- Movin' Along,
- Control over Clashing,
- Intro to Design,
- Swappin' Sidechains,
- Mass Mutate,
- Insertion and Deletion

before starting this puzzle.

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Here you go:
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They should be in the

They should be in the tutorials section once you boot up your client. The link beta posted has video walkthroughs for them. http://prntscr.com/3cctx2

Highlighted a few you mentioned: http://prntscr.com/3ccu9g


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