Using the developer preview to play Puzzle 170

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It seems to work... until I realized that relative scoring isn't working. And neither is score relative to guide.

Also, another issue: Loading a public solution IMMEDIATELY gives one a score boost without the need to evolve to the next point. That shouldn't be happening.

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Relative score coloring should be working again.

The way that the initial solutions for this all hands are set up, you will get credit for them right away. Once other players' solutions start showing up, they will need to be improved.

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Since I could play Puzzle 170 with the developer preview, I also tested playing other puzzles with it. Here's the strange result:

172: Loading both best soloist solution results in a displayed score that's lower than what the solution's score says. However, wiggling it results in a much higher score. The same happened to the evolver solution.

173: The same phenomenon is NOT observed.

*It should also be noted, however, that the solution score/game score discrepancy also appears in 170. For example, the "9781" solution is really 9773, 9766 is really 9758, etc.

==> In addition, whatever new high score achieved in beta cannot be reloaded once I switch back to the main build. This gives me the impression that the beta might be using a different score function. Is that the case?

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Correct, the beta has made some adjustments to the scoring, particularly to disulfides (this is noted in the release notes). It looks like 172 has a disulfide in it, and 173 does not, so that would make sense.

Also, the beta has a new save file format that the release version won't understand. So anything saved in beta will likely not be loadable if you switch back to the release version.

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I've just posted a small update to the beta that should keep the scoring more backwards compatible with recent puzzles - in particular, scores on puzzle 172 should match.


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