Rank down message needs more details

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Rank down message needs more details
I believe it would quicker and easier for players to know which puzzle he/she had been rank down on, if the Rank down message also displays the puzzle number and maybe if it was a solo or evolver rank down.
Reason - recently you have had 4 active puzzles open , x2 if you play group puzzles that's 8 puzzles scores to check, we needs more details to save players time.

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Thanks a lot for the suggestion.

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Getting Phantom Rank-down messages now ...

One-up for this one, a few of us are getting Rank Down messages that seem to make no sense -- consider escalating to bug?

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You will also get rank up or rank down messages if one of your team's evolver solutions on any puzzle goes up or down in rank.

Changing topic to "Game: Display", so it goes to the appropriate developer.

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I find it useful to use the website portal to see how I'm doing on puzzles I'm not working on, just have to refresh the page now and then. Rank up/down messages are so quick I doubt if the extra info would be readable.


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