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When working with mutatable proteins, in mode 4 when you click on a mutatable segment (I think you call them residues), the very nice circular chart of all the sidechains comes up.

Could you get the programme to give the segment's score for each of the available sidechains in the menu ?

In other words, when the user clicks to display the menu, the programme quickly tries all of the available sidechain options and then transfers the segment's score onto the circular menu so that the menu options would then read somthing like this :

PRO(P) 4
MET(M) -1
LEU(L) 28
TYR(Y) 14


Steve B

(Fri, 07/03/2009 - 08:57  |  6 comments)

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I like the idea.
The information could be displayed in a Table Chart form.

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steveB and mat747:
this seems like a good suggestion. We'll definitely take it into consideration when we start working on extra features.

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I really like this idea too, only thing i might suggest, is that if the time to score the sidechains slows down the appearance of the menu, than perhaps place this as a separate mode itself, such as advanced edit mode (5)

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At first look that seems to be a good Idea, to be able to see the Points given when choosing this or that Sidechain. But I guess the Points displayed would be the Points given immediately. But changing Sidechains also gives the Chance to increase the Score afterwards by wiggling again...

I had it sometimes that I chose a Sidechain that gave me less Points than another but after wiggling my Score was higher than it would've gotten with the Sidechain with more Points BEFORE wiggling...

(Please take this just as another Point of View - the basic Idea of seeing the Points is good and welcome)

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I think like aendgraend - it would be nice, but in the end you have to wiggle, if you see the score or not... but seeing the score after the wiggle could be interesting.

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Info window under "TAB" key show score.


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