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Opened on:Thursday, June 25, 2009 - 09:49
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On the design puzzles when in mode 4 (mutate sidechains) could you get the programme to display the full name of the amino acid when a change is made, in much the same way as the messages such as "great clash clearing" etc appear on the screen.

It would be a really good way for us non-biologists to learn the full names of all the acids - at the moment I know them all as glu,bla,nah,tri,etc.

Steve B

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Great idea ! I like it

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I think the fact that you know aminoacids by names as ...glu, bla and nah is enough of a reason to incorporate the full names!!!
(thanks for the laugh, that was priceless!!! will have to pay for the keyboard that is now permanently useless because I sprayed beer all over it :P )

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to prevent sounding like a dork, I do have some extra stuff to say about that....
My laughs were about the sounds of those abbreviations...glu, bla, nah...too funny.

Steve's idea however is very good. In my opinion, any folder who sticks around, has an interest in the general field of proteins as well.
the game is great for the "gaming" part, but sooner or later everyone who sticks around wants to learn more about proteins, I think. If any general knowledge, like naming the amino acids properly, can be incorporated in the game, that can only be a good thing.

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:D Its an easy fix and we'll incorporate it real soon. Thanks for the suggestion.

Duly noted. As I mentioned to steveB, we'll have it in the game pretty soon. Thanks again.

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In the meantime, you can hit CTRL+I when your mouse is over a segment to see the full name.

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This should go out shortly in the next update.

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Marking as resolved.


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