Scores aren't updating in real-time AND I lost my evolver score and credit on 154

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This seems to be a new problem that didn't come up until the recent update: scores would not update in real-time, and one has to restart FoldIt to see everyone else's new scores. I thought that this was a server problem, as other players were also experiencing this problem yesterday (June 9th)-- but it is still occurring to me today. So, is it a server problem or a problem associated with the program itself?

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Title: Scores aren't updating in real-time » Scores aren't updating in real-time AND I lost my evolver score and credit on 154

I scored 9,580 several minutes before the puzzle expired; in fact I quit and went for a beer and the puzzle was still up. These scoring problems need to be dealt with.

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it seems, that client can "lose" conection to server (especially while some parallel network activity) and not restores it.

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Problems with the score not updating in real-time and been given the wrong result score for a puzzle
have happen before “Wrong result score”
My score for puzzle 144 has still not been corrected.

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The in game scoring doesn't work period. Whatever people have when you are logged on is frozen as long as you play. You don't see new players connect, you don't see peoples scores updated. When I log in, I have to click best score to get myself back on the board. I'm using the linux client if that helps. The online scores don't update properly either.

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