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Take one puzzle and split it into
1. group only and
2. solo only
If a user starts one of these, he cannot enter the other.

In 1. everyone starts as evolver, in 2 everyone is only solo.

With the group only you probably get better results. It's like several smaller all-hands-modes on one puzzle.
In solo everyone can compete without having a guide from group and so without unfair competitors. (extra have possibly to be disabled?). You can also look better on problems users have with that background.
Last but not least, its something new, and should be fun.

Of course, I don't know if that is possible without reprogramming a bunch of files ;)

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A solo only puzzle, that sounds like fun, and it also sounds "fair"...even though no-one is prohibited to join the group he or she thinks does best, and looking into their solutions, so I don't think the competition is unfair as it is.

My problem with your suggestion however, is the "group only" will that give better results?!

Thus far, the all hands mode has been nothing more than people building upon each others best solutions, with 'building' being nothing more than squeezing out a point to evolve, locking up the puzzle further and further.
If you start out that way, the puzzle will be locked a lot sooner than it would be right now.

In my opinion, the combined solo and group mode as the puzzles are presented now works fine...the solo provides enough challenge for people to start on their own, taking the puzzle to different solutions.
Then the group can refine on the solution that looks best.

I'm not saying there isn't a better way than how it works right now, though. In fact, I think the group mode can be improved upon a lot.
But if you like to write down ideas, I'd suggest you try to figure out what you think is important and focus on that. Right now you're still battling between "better results" and "fair vs unfair competition".

Anyway, I think the group mode would benefit from a more solid schedule when it comes to puzzle week we're working on 4 puzzles, the next week we're looking at two days in a row where we get a puzzle and then nothing... That's fine for a soloist, but I noticed my group efforts are reducing rapidly.

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