Make background music depended on score changes.

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The background music could be faster when there a lot of changes during wiggling and become slower when the wiggling reaches a stable position where nothing can be improved anymore.
Distance from the Recent best score could also effect the background music.

That would increase the feedback that the player gets for his actions and thereby help the brain to pick up patterns.

When you have a wiggling process that takes 1 minute and you minimize the window and do another task you would notice when the wiggling has finished.

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Is that possibly (changing speed of music) in a smooth way and without getting the music strange? (High and deep "voices")

I think that would be enormous work??

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You don't have to make the speed change on-the-fly but can prerecord the music in different speeds.
The fold it background music doesn't have voices anyway and it's certainly possible to play instruments and electronic music at different speeds.

These days there are even algrorithmes for good on-the-fly speed change. Windows Media Player allows the user to change the speed and IPods also have an on-the-fly algorithm that changes the speed.

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