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left of the undo graph, make a (increaseable like chat windows) board where the scores of the undo graph are listed.


wiggle 9123,456 | +7,315 <-last
shake xxxx,xxx | +17,002
nudge xxxx,xxx | -44,987

in small version (hight of undo graph)it only shows the last 3 actions or so and the biggest the whole undo graph scores.

Undo graph is too small to show the scores in it. This small tool helps comparing it and works even alone. And with showing thinks like "band made" you can see if you accidentally did one, what happens from time to time.

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That would be great. At best it would record the whole lifetime of a protein. When there are issues with the size of files going back to far could simply be disabled.
Having the information about the score changes would still be nice.
Then the graph should also be accessible for a team partner when you share your solution.

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