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To me it seems like two Cysteins who are near to each other don't form disulfid bonds in fold it. When I put two Cysteins next to each other they even show that they clash.

Can someone explain to me how fold it handels those bonds? The interface doesn't seem to show them :(

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I believe one of the intro

I believe one of the intro puzzles shows how to rubber band two side chains so that they attempt to move towards each other. In the caste of the cysteines they form the same colored bond as a hydrogen bond. I don't know how Fold It actually scores disulfide bonds versus hydrogen bonds.

I would like to see a recipe that makes and breaks disulfide bonds randomly, to guide protein folding, like I believe was demonstrated for RNase A's folding/re-folding ability.

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Foldit puzzle need to be programmed to make cys bonds.

It is developed to do it automagicly on any puzzle.
(Another old thread lol).


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