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Opened by:Steven Pletsch
Opened on:Wednesday, June 3, 2009 - 15:29
Last modified:Wednesday, June 6, 2012 - 20:28

Would it be possible to add to the GUI an option box to turn different variables that constitute the score on and off?

I'm thinking something like this:

I would think this immensely helpful for analyzing different areas of a protein and getting an idea of areas that need more work, because you would be able to look at how the backbone is colored for only one or a couple of variables instead of all at once.

Perhaps while there are boxes unchecked, your score would not show, or it would turn red, or something else readily apparent to give a visual indicator that you do not have all scoring options marked.

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Another thought is that it would only affect the coloring of the backbone.. not the score.. might be better, but would still need some visual indicator that not all options were checked when using it.

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Brilliant idea. Gets my vote.

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It would be nice to see the contributing factors that result in your score. Because of how it's calculated it may not be an exact summation of scores, but I will see which scores are feasible to display individually.

Assigning it to myself.

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Maybe as long as this isn't done, we could do it by a script?
The function absolutebest.GetSegmentEnergySubscore(integer segmentIndex, string scorePart)can do this.
We just have to make an input box like Pletsch's checkbox above, cycle through all segments and all selected (checked) variables, get their single scores and add them together.

If someone could show me what the string's names are, I could do this, Or are they written just the same way as Pletsch wrote them in his graphic example?

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Or does such script already exist?

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My Region Scorer recipe has this dialog box and score strings: . It basically does what Pletsch wants but as text instead of color.


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