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I started playing Foldit less than a week ago. So I am a n00b and full of questions right now.

I have just finished the tutorial puzzles and now I am giving a go at one of the competition puzzles, the one called 151 (<15): Design Challenge. I managed a decent score and ranked up, and I can see my score and rank in the game; but I don't see my score, or even my name in the list of scores in the puzzle's web page. So my inmediate questions for the moment are:

- Do I have to do something special to participate in the competition and see my name/score on that list? Like, do I have to "submit" my protein in some way? Or, maybe that page get refreshed once a day, so I'll see my score eventually? I was playing about 10 hours ago.

- Is the expiry date and time for the puzzle shown in my local time, or in GMT?

Also, a suggestion, it would be good if the forum has a search feature. It is possible that someone else asked what I just asked, but I didn't know how to search the forum.

A last thing: what a great and very interesting game. Congratulations to all involved. I am now trying to attract some people.

Btw, I found about the game on the May issue of Wired Magazine.

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You are listed as #1 on the puzzle you linked

Normally the updates are instantly.
Sometimes they stuck at the numbers of the first day.

As you are new, its perhaps that you weren't entered in the puzzle before a daychange, but as far as I know, even then it should be instantly.

Expire is 23:00 at GMT I was told. (Never puzzling at that time). Page times should all be GMT now I think.

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Thanks for reply LennStar

Yeah, now I can see my score and position. It showed up when I went into the game again. Maybe something happened the first time I went in.

Thanks again.


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