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Originally posted on my blog.

I'd like to take this opportunity to announce, officially, that I am retiring from the Foldit development team. I was originally working on this project for research credit at school. After I graduated, the team didn't have the money to pay me to keep working on it, and so now I'm starting a new job with a new company, make another exciting new game that I can't really say much about at this point. But it will be very awesome. :)

I'm not entirely done with Foldit, however. :) I've just finished my lyrics for I'm Folding Proteins, a parody of the satirical rap song I'm on a Boat. Be warned - lots of swearing in this song.

Watch the music video if you haven't seen it already, and compare it with my version of the lyrics below. Someday I'll make I'm Folding Proteins into a real music video! :D

Aww s-, get your keyboards ready it's about to go down (shorty, yeah)
Everybody in the place type your f-ing name (shorty, yeah)
And enter your motherf-ing password
We running this, let's go

I'm folding proteins (I'm folding proteins)
I'm folding proteins (I'm folding proteins)
Everybody look at me 'cause I'm folding a protein (folding a protein)
I'm folding proteins (I'm folding proteins)
I'm folding proteins
Take a good hard look at the motherf-ing screen (screen, yeah)

I'm folding proteins motherf-er take a look at me
Straight folding into the lowest energy
Busting five points, ranks dropping under me
You can't stop me motherf-er cause the game is free

Take a screen shot (shot)
I'm folding proteins ('teins)
Rebuilding loops in a knot,
Cause it's so clean (clean)
I got my beta sheets
And my helices
I'm flipping sidechains, you on Tetris
Straight flipping pieces

I'm designing a protein, curing cancer and s-
My solution's climbing, beating everyone on the net
But this ain't RuneScape, this is real as it gets
I'm folding proteins, motherf-er, don't you ever forget

I'm on a team and
We kicking a- and
I got a biochem themed
Pashmina afghan
I'm saving the world
With my skills like Neo
If you got a low score,
Then you're sure not me-oh

Get the f- up, this game is REAL!

F- clothes, I'm folding proteins, motherf-er (motherf-er)
F- streets, I walk backbones, motherf-er (motherf-er)
I'm on the chat talking smack, motherf-er (yeah)
This protein got packed, motherf-er

Hey I'm folding for the human race (human race)
Hydrogen bonds across the interface (interface)
Gonna disrupt this reverse transcriptase (transcriptase)
With our brains in a net, anything is possible

Yeah, never thought I'd fold a protein
It's a big green thing on my screen (yeah)
I'm hiding
Hydrophobics (all hands online)

Never thought I'd see the day
A Nobel Prize coming my way
Believe me when I say
I disabled AIDS

I'm folding proteins
I'm folding proteins
Everybody look at me 'cause I'm folding a protein (woah)
I'm folding proteins
I'm folding proteins
Take a good hard look at the mothaf-in' screen (shorty, shorty, yeah)

* * *

Though I won't be actively working on Foldit any more, I am still here. You can still ask me questions, and I'll continue to contribute to the design whenever I have the opportunity to do so. There are some cool features coming up that I'm very excited about.

Foldit is an amazing project that I am proud to have worked on. It is still in its early stages, but it is far ahead of its time and I am confident that it will grow into the awe-inspiring potential that I can see for it. Designing vaccines for HIV? Scrubbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere? Seriously. As they say, this game is REAL! If I can come back to this project and help make that happen, I will. I guess we'll all make that happen.

Who knows - I guess now that I'm not on the team anymore, I could probably start playing the game seriously without having to worry about messing up the results with my insider information! :p Feel free to say hi if you see me in chat.

Just remember, you're folding proteins.

(sha-sha-sha, sha-sha-sha-sha-sha-sha-sha-short-ay, short-ay, yeah-y-yeah-yeah...)

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Good one.

Sorry to have you go axcho. No money? It's a shame. As always, there is more money for finding a hair growth something then in finding/paying a cure for a "poors illness". (Considered where the most infected live, AIDS is also a poors, but there are so many more illnesses...)

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Till we meet again little axcho!
(....don't know why, but I always considered you a young guy, excuse the "little" part if you turn out to be 60 years old though, lol).

Anyway, you're a fun guy, I think it's the enthousiasm that makes me believe that you're still very young. Hang on to that forever, and have fun with whatever you'll be doing next.

Now, after all the swearing you did up there, there's only one thing left to say.....
go wash your mouth young man!!!!!! :P

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Re: I'm Folding Proteins (Lyrics)

Heh, thank you both. I am pretty young, I guess you could say. I just graduated, after all. :p

I'll do my best to hang onto the enthusiasm. :) With what I've got coming up, I don't think I'll have much trouble with that.

About the swearing, well come on, I bleeped out all the swear words! I'll floss my teeth extra thoroughly though. ;)

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As you volunteered to be something like a link to the players a few month ago:

Is there a substitute for this?
Is there something planned on the line of a Community Manager?

I feel that reactions from the team are dropping since a month. The communication was never very good, but it seems to get worse. My impression, don't know what others think.

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Hmm, good question LennStar.

Hmm, good question LennStar. I'll ask about that. I'm sure we can work something out.

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Aot is weird

like the goats he slaughters for breakfast.

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So it sounds like the other

So it sounds like the other developers will be making sure to reply more often. Hopefully that will work out.

If you miss me, you can follow me on Twitter! ;) I just got an account. It's pretty cool.

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@LennStar: If fold.it really

@LennStar: If fold.it really works in correctly predicting proteins it might even help for finding a cure for hair loss.
@Axcho: What did you study? Computer science?

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Yes, computer science.

Yes, computer science.

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