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Is the blinking just senseless information or does the blinking give feedback about how the wiggling tool is doing?

Is there a way to deactivate the blinking? I think my eyes don't like it and it makes it harder to concentrate on where the wiggling changes thinks in the backbone..

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Re: Blinking during Wiggling

The blinking, the shadow moving across the protein when you wiggle, does not encode information. It just tells you that a wiggle is happening. Do you have any suggestions for alternate ways to show that the protein is wiggling?

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Re: Blinking during Wiggling

I think that it's important to see how the scoring changes through the wiggling process and which animoacids make the problems.
Knowing how the protein moves is important to give intuition data to work with.
All animation that provides input for our minds and therefore for our intuition should convey information.
Attention shouldn't be wasted on artificial noise that our brains have to filter out.

Perhaps locally there should a number should appear with +100 or -100 points when those points get lost or won in wiggling at the area of the protein where it happens.

I know that the protein wiggles when I click wiggle. The thing I don't know is how the protein works itself. Therefore the information that should be encoded into the information is information about the protein and not mainly information that tells me something that I already know.

The capacity of our brains is limited and for a complex task all attention should go to attributes of the protein.

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Re: Blinking during Wiggling

If I understood correctly, Foldit itself doesn't really know which parts of the protein are responsible for an increase or decrease in the score. It just moves random aminoacids and observes the overall score. Therefore it could be a bit tricky to show the player which parts exactly yield points. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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more or less

the app could tell you excatly where a change gives or takes points in different categories, but there is currently no way to show it to player except manually with "end" key.

There is already an issue tracker entry which contains an option to show.

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Foldit itself does

Foldit itself does understand how the segment energies change. Such a visualisation is indeed possible, so if you would like it, I suggest you file a feedback tracker entry about it.

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Blinking object

So, did you mean this?



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