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I took a quick view, and I have to say: The current colorblind mode in the developer preview is very very bad.

It is more or less a mass of grayish for my eyes. The normal view is way better (and nicer) at the moment.
You could take the normal highlighting in the puzzles for the colorblind mode, too. And leave out the "shadowing" of the background, that makes the light/dark approach of colorblind more or less useless.
That propably isn't the best, but a point were it is possible to work from. At the moment, a newbie with my eyes wouldn't even finish the tutorials. Not in colorblind mode.

And have a look at the texts in the new tutorials. There are at least 2 big errors like a double "the".

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ok, an question on this topic:

It is intended to keep most of the protein unchangeable forever?
That is an important fact for the views.

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It will vary from puzzle to puzzle, but it's likely that many of the design related puzzles will have some unchangeable regions.

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In the Flu puzzle you only have a very few changeable parts, and in colorblind mode these sidechains differ only very slightly from all the surrounding sidechains. Very very bad.

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As there are several types of color blindness, there is a tool to simulate how the pictures would look like for a colorblind person (different types of blindness are selectable):

The easiest way to help all people would be an extra option in the color menu to offer an user defined palette.

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We have few colorblind players, maybe add some "manual colors" for score colors?

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I am one of those colorblind (R/G). I would suggest using the available tools to simulate that view and make a colorscheme that is good for non colourblinds and R/G's (8% of males).
Even better is a settable colorpalet as Rav suggests.

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I wouldn't say Colorblind mode is useless. I am able to compete only because of it.

But I do agree that some color schemes could have been thought out better. I am woefully awful on Quest To The Native puzzles, because in Colorblind mode, the native is shaded grey, almost at the same saturation as the protein it ghosts. I can't tell which is which!

Being almost totally deuteranopic, I can see a total of five colors in this game: black, white, grey, red, and one of orange/yellow/green/brown (which all look the same to me).

I am totally on-board with the idea of allowing players to create their own color palettes for the various tools that use color.

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Bumping this, due to Timo's post of 13-Nov-2014.


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