different points for solo/groups

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If you look at rosetta 7, the top solo (9270) and group (9278) are not far away.
But if you compare the points, there is a big difference for the same score.
If you have 50 scorepoints less, then as a solo player you get points high in the 80s, but a group gets only about 30.

On the other hand, at the lower end (first with 1 global point) it is closer, less then 20 score away. So, we have nearly the same start and nearly the same end. But the distribution is quite different. Looks a bit like x and x².

Why a difference? And why such a big one?

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The difference is the number of soloists playing the puzzle vs. the number of groups playing the puzzle. Score is irrelevant in the calculation of global points, the only thing that matters is the rank and the total number of participants. The exact formula is outlined in the faq.


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