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Hi I just registered and installed the latest version but when I run it, a window opens, I hear music, and the screen just stays blank (pure white).

No message, graphics or anything.

I'm running Windows Vista x64 with SP 1, a quad core CPU, and Nvidia GTX 295 with latest drivers. The Account manager is off and my Norton AntiVirus Gaming edition is not blocking the program from using the internet (as far as I can tell).

I use a cable modem (Comcast cable service) through a wireless router. The computer I am using is directly connected to the router so it's not a wireless connection issue.

Anybody know what up?


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I got it fixed. I had

I got it fixed.

I had to:

1) Move the folder with the application directly under Drive C. Apparently the application doesn't like the default path of "C:\Program Files (x86)" I think the game programmers need to look into this. It's probably the blank space causing the issue.

2) Go to the executable itself (foldit.exe), and in Vista x64, right click it and go to properties, then go to the Compatibility tab and check off "Disable desktop composition".

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make that: 2) ....turn on

make that:

2) ....turn on the "Disable desktop composition".

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Re: Blank screen

Thanks, No. 2 added to the FAQ. No. 1 is not a problem, after all, "Program Files" also contains a space.

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Re: Blank screen

Well there is something about that path line it doesn't like, maybe the round brackets. But just doing #2 doesn't make it work. You have to do both.


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