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When creating a recipe for the cook book, I noticed two ingredients I would like to see. First, a randomizer for counts. IE: add rubber bands every random(5-25) residue.

Second, the wiggler has number of itterations, you should be able to select seconds or some smaller number. When I put even weak rubber bands, one iteration totally distorts the shape.

Thanks for the great program. Keep it up!!!

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Both of these are great wishes. I thought of requesting both of these myself. Great suggestions!

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These wishes are listed here:

including the answer of zoran:
Have no fear, we fully intend to provide a programmatic way of providing recipes. It's just that we wanted to get recipes to the 99% of foldit players that don't program first.

the LUA scripting should be released in a month or so. all operations currently existing in the graphical UI and probably a few more will be in the API. if you want to get a head start, look up the syntax/examples in Lua programming language.

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Awesome! Thanks for pointing us noobs to the relevant material. I look forward to the updates....whenever they may be. =)

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"the LUA scripting should be released in a month or so."

I think Zoran meant a month c.t., which means half a year in the real world. :)

See also the scheduled release dates of Protein Design:

"(Coming soon!) Protein design: Since proteins are part of so many diseases, they can also be part of the cure. Over the summer (meant was the summer 2008), we will add new functionality to the game to allow users to design brand new proteins that could help prevent or treat important diseases."

"The tentative release date is second part of March (2009)."

Now it's May 2009 and still nothing to see at the horizon.

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Thank you, closing as duplicate.


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