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I just found this game last night and was telling some colleagues about it at a dinner party.

Discussion turned to the question of ownership of anything useful discovered - it was mentioned serval times in various ways that whatever pharmaceutical company finally patents a cure for HIV/AIDS, Cancer, etc. will have quite a patent to exploit.

Searching around the site, I found a sentiment that the team wishes to democratize science, but no explicit statement on ownership of scientific data that is generated by the project. Does that exist somewhere, or is it possible for that statement to be added to the wiki?

To be clear: I'm not asking in order to tear the project down - it actually seems like a great idea & experiment. But I was surprised by the amount of skepticism that the group of non-gamers put forward, and wished I was able to give them a clear answer. The lack of one was fuel for conspiratorial thinking. Interestingly, my colleagues who were also gamers did not see a problem with enriching a company in return for a free game. More interestingly, the least concern expressed seemed to be that the end result of this entire experiment was potentially a breakthrough in finding a cure for HIV/AIDS, Cancer, etc.

Thanks for any reply.

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Great question!

I would like to read an answer too...
Although I'm an happy FoldIt gamer I had some cospiratorial thought as well, like:
"What if I put together some of the greatest minds around the Net, with pure and logical way of thinking (as many hackers and IT professionals are), in order to discover something new and amplify my research?"
If this thought was done by a man of good intention, it will be a great thing, but if it was done by a man of bad intention it could led to everything... :)

"May the Force be with you"

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Re: Who owns the Intellectual Property created/generated by fold

Hi phanley. There was a feedback entry on similar lines earlier to which we replied.

I'll see about putting a question and answer about this topic in the FAQ.


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