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We can post a photo of ourselves on our page. but if we are not online and give out our global ranking most folks cannot get to our page. Also that is only one pic. It seems we are getting to be a family on here............. We are hearing about each other's families. Pletsch showed us a pic of him holding his baby playing foldit. Mat has a new baby...............Born Apr 22 2009 in Australia!!
Do you think there would be any interest in having a photo gallery?? Purely voluntary of course
Just a thought

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why people put photos of themelves online... but I also don't understand the different VZs (tm or not) or twitter.
If you want, make a goup or however it s called on such pages. But I think ressources are better spend on other things.

Alternative: Make a option in the profile like "My homepage" for "My Photo Gallery". There are enough pages where you can make yourself one. Even I know that ;)

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flickr and many other places provide this service - no changes since 2009 closed


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