Problem regarding rubber bands

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Running this recipe on Puzzle 139 or 140 results in FoldIt immediately quitting as it tries to apply the "add bands" step:

Remove all bands
Add bands between all residues
Wiggle for 1 iteration
Remove all bands

==> The "Example 3: compression" recipe works for me, however, as does a modified version of this script (which asks for bands to be formed between all selected residues). With these in mind, is the crash due to an out-of-memory error? Or is it because I somehow went over the limit of rubber bands that could coexist at the same time?

[For a 150-residue protein, banding every pair would give 150 * 149 / 2 = 11,175 bands. Note that manually selecting 75 residues and banding all of them, which gives 75 * 74 / 2 = 2,775 bands, does NOT crash the program.]

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Thanks for reporting, it does sound like it could be related to the number of rubber bands. We'll look into it.

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Bump. This issue still occurs today if one tries to run a recipe/script that bands every nth residue if the protein is very long (typically, that means length/n > 70 for my laptop); it would be nice if the program could cancel the batch banding operation if it can't be done for any reason (e.g. not enough memory).

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Just not create zillion bands... :P


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