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Since there is a policy for the operators to remind folders to refrain from swearing in global chat, I was wondering if the G-rated mode could just be switched on in the global channel to automatically sensor the worst words. It's tough for an op to always be on and watching, and there's really no reason we should lose any of the younger folders (or those who don't like to see the swearing) due to random people coming on to unleash profanities. It doesn't happen a lot, but it wouldn't have to at all with the G-rated mode on. From an IRC page Judecca pointed out to me:

MODE: /mode #channel mode
Used to change the mode of a channel. You can only change modes for channel you are an Operator or Half-Op on.
G = Makes the channel G Rated. Any bad words are replaced with censored in channel messages (

I assume the can be edited to only censor the worst of the swearing. There's obviously no need to censor everything.

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Looking at the welcome messages from the server, I don't see g as a listed channel mode
[Welcome] Server (Version hybrid-7.2.3), User modes: CDGabcdfgiklnorsuwxyz, Channel modes: biklmnopstveIh
I tested setting the mode in a room I made and it just complained that g was an unknown mode character. So I guess hybrid just doesn't support it, or it was not included when it was compiled. hybrid seems to be lacking a few things i remember from other servers like half-ops(which can kick and ban, but not make new ops or half ops and not kick other ops), that even when compiled in with some build flag, was broken.

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We now have more ops on IRC so no problem. Closing.


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