136:All Hands ends before 138:Rosetta Decoy 2

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Why, out of morbid curiosity?

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This is a legitimate question. Why is 136:All Hands ending before 138: Rosetta Decoy 2?

Examples of legitimate answers:
a) The development team has decided that all-hands puzzles need less time before hitting maximum point plateaus;
b) The development team has decided to cut deadlines to spur faster protein folding;
c) The development team has gone on a power trip, call back again later;
d) Mistake/Clerical error/No reason at all
e) None of the above. Please explain.

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This developer has no idea. :) Assigning it to Mike.

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Sorry this wasn't addressed sooner. Both of your first points are fairly accurate. We are taking a look at how long it takes folders to plateau on each puzzle, and how much time is necessary for puzzles in order to still get optimal results. We also wanted to analyze the results of this puzzle rather quickly. As many of you who have been playing the all hands puzzles since we started releasing them, there were some major areas in which all hands mode was lacking that prevented it from being a complete success (including the diversity of solutions, ability to view/copy guides, etc.) We shortened the all hands period of this puzzle because we want to be able to determine quickly how effective all hands is in its current state, so we can make improvements quickly, and get through a lot more puzzles that way!


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