Restore Best gone since Puzzle 138 is available

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Opened on:Friday, April 17, 2009 - 07:09
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Is it only me who misses the function of the 'A' Key? Yesterday i started Puzzle 138 and i'm missing the 'restore best' and 'restore recent best' functions. If i switch back to 137 that function isn't working there as well.

Anyone else found the same?

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I experienced the exact same thing right after finishing a duel. I hadn't dueled in a long time, so I wasn't aware of the problems that can result right after you finish. I lost the ability to Restore-To-Best using either of the hotkeys, but once I restarted the game (on advice from dmw) it was working fine. There are apparently a few issues that can pop up right after dueling (and someone mentioned other "Extras" could potentially do the same), so it seems that restarting foldit after using any of them might be a good idea.

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Aendgraend had done a duel

I have no problems in 137 with "a"

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Thanks for reporting. We'll look into this.

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Thanks for the report, we found the cause of this and the fix should be out in the next update. For clarity, the intended functionality is that restore best, awards, etc, will all be disabled during a duel and anytime you are in a duel puzzle after the duel is completed. Those functions should be enabled again whenever you switch back to a standard, non-duel, puzzle.


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