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Seeing some of these recent feedback posts about failing updates and the desire to purge or backup the .ir_solutions, I'd like to suggest a updater app. Instead of having the game itself doing all the updating, the shortcut to launch the game first loads a program (foldup.exe :) ) that can handle updates, does repairs(delete the binary,resources,database folders then redownload and extract zips), and backup/restore the puzzles and solutions to an archive or separate folder. The updater should work independent from the actual game EXEs or database files so a corrupt update will not leave the game in an irreparable state. If the updater is damaged, it alone can be grabbed from the website to get the latest versions and do repairs.

Some other suggestions for the updater would be the option to switch to beta, as well as storing the previous binary/resources/database zip files downloaded from the server. That would be great for a rollback or so one can switch between beta and main without having to upgrade and downgrade every time. While bandwidth may not be an issue for you guys, the people on slower connections or with bandwidth caps will thank you. It may also help find more users willing to try the beta version if its easy to return to main.

If the whole updater thing is too much... it would be nice if the game could at least keep track of main and beta versions and provide a switch at login. It should be possible to manage 2 versions in the same directory with seperate version-database-main.txt, version-database-beta.txt,, etc. files. just tack the word beta on everything lol

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Judecca's idea is very sound, and needs to be strongly considered. At the very least, we need the ability to undo the last update which has run on our computer. The struggles I've had with this latest update have been very frustrating. There were players that were able to avoid the problems with the local wiggling by canceling the update before it loaded. For those of us unlucky enough to have accepted it, it seems to have greatly limited our ability to fold proteins.

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