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This is only an idea, don't kill me if you don't like it, but what about a game to boost some activity on these forums: "Guess the score". It's very simple, someone posts some pictures of a protein, and others guess the score. The one who is closest wins.

I just read about the story where a farmer let a bunch of people guess the weight of a cow, and the average was only half a pound off, so I'm wondering if we could achieve the same.

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croud guessing?

works quite good if you have a big enough croud, but I don't think you would have it here and more important, the puzzles are a "bit" more complicated then a weight, and we all have a lack of experience. I don't think it would work.

Would be interesting, though. On the first day of a puzzle, you can make a guess.

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Webpages screwed up

So I'm posting here in the hope that someone will notice. Cant start a new Forum topic, cant get Feedback to submit (keeps asking for an assignmeent target and insisting on a url link in the title

Also, after clicking on a puzzle to get to their score page, there is an obvious disaplay fault, and only the team scores are visible, nothing else comes up. This was the original fault I was trying to report, but then found out that Feedback is screwed up as well...


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