copy from guide crash and small bug

Case number:954892-985886
Topic:Developer Preview
Opened by:Judecca
Opened on:Saturday, April 4, 2009 - 04:10
Last modified:Friday, April 24, 2009 - 16:34

Not quite sure how I got this crash, It was the first time I had tried to copy anything from a guide, may have been user error :)
ERROR: min_score < mid_score
ERROR:: Exit from: /scratch/scooper/rosetta/src/mini-interactive-main/mini/src/interactive/application/shared/ line: 304

Another crash if you try to copy to a locked segment, so I guess copy should be disabled on a locked piece
ERROR: !shared::backbone_locked(ii, pose_->extra_info(), get_reference_pose_info())
ERROR:: Exit from: /scratch/scooper/rosetta/src/mini-interactive-main/mini/src/interactive/application/novice/ line: 2660

The IRC bug no longer crashes the client on a disconnect (YAY!) but there is still no way to reconnect after the connection was dropped
IRC::run error
Exiting IRC::run
Unable to list users/Couldn't send message: Illegal operation for this state (/scratch/scooper/rosetta/src/mini-interactive-main/mini/src/interactive/util/
maybe instead of just a pop-up showing it failed, how about a "would you like to reconnect?"(libircclient should allow for detecting a lost connection and reconnecting somehow...), if that's not possible, the popup should recommend saving and restarting the game after the error since the chat box looks fine, but is not functional

If I find anything else about that first random crash, i'll add it on here. if you need any more details on the crashes, let me know

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Cilent is attempting to send acheivements after clicking start on credits screen, right at the login screen but befor ever logging in, fails silently in background, no big deal i guess.

Error reporting achievements: Username or password incorrect. (/scratch/scooper/rosetta/src/mini-interactive-main/mini/src/interactive/boinc/

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Thanks for reporting, I'll look into the first two crashes you mentioned.  I'll open separate reports for the other ones since I think they are not developer preview related.

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Those two crashes should be fixed and will go out in the next update.

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The update was posted, so marking as resolved.


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