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This is pretty cool and I can see that you have put some thought into the framework. But I'm afraid I need to ask for a few enhancements before I can use it.

1) iterate needs an exit criteria (n sec, until score drops ...) . Now it just runs forever until I click stop, then advances Each iteration should restore back to best score on exit.
2) I need to test the current global against stored values and to be able to undo as necessary.
3) I'm afraid that without basic computing resources, (vars, functions, if else ...) it will not be possible to build even simple useful functions. Javascript would be ok.
4) I know this is targeted at the masses, but a text editor might be a simpler interface  and is much easier to edit.
5) we need basic looping to repeat steps (while)

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Labeled (incorrectly) as a crash/hang bug, but similar issue with no way to factor current scores or restore best into recipes, please see my suggestion as I think it covers some of the things needed.

I think that, if enough of the folding minds here get together with the developers, they could probably draft one of the first interpreted, interactive, protein folding languages around. I'm imagining something like a Python prompt but with raw access to the tools available in rosetta and the interface. Scripts can be developed and tested live on a protein or saved and loaded, importing modules for user created tools and functions...

...what? a guy can dream right? :)

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Set details.

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Lua scripts. Done.


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