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make it possible to mark intro puzzles as done, so that they don't crop open automatically, since they have a tendency to do this even after you have started a science puzzle.
Especially for second installations you don't want to go through them again.

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I would like to keep track of intro puzzle completion with each player's account rather than the computer the game is installed on. Like achievements.

The reason new ones sometimes come up with updates though is because we are adding new puzzles.

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I meant that the player can mark the intro puzzles as done by e.g. clicking somewhere

I have intalled foldit 4 times so far, and 3 times I had to do the intro puzzles again because they were marked as undone. I even started a science puzzle and the next day intro puzzle 1 was there on my screen again.

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Option for "I have all intro done, don`t remind me, don`t show flashing question mark" should be easy to do.
Recently cleaned foldit directory (over 2k files...) and need to to intros again to get rid of those.

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Having lost my client in recent dev update - this would really be nice....

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Last dev update forced me to do all them again...
Any chance to add "I REALLY have done ALL tutorials" button?
I know that are new ones added, but why forcing us to do all of them? Most of intros are unchanged.

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Great annoyance - this needs higher priority

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Had the same problem after last up-date. To work round - click the last Intro and then click Main Menu. It works for me!

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In some ways I think it is good for us to have to go back and look at the tutorials,
so that we know what the new players are experiencing.

For some reason with the latest update I ended up having to do them 3 times
- but it only took about 15 or 20 min

An option to omit would be nice but not vital,
there are more important things that need attention

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This is being worked on presently. Level completion is going to be logged on the server, and we will try to retroactively update it client side for those who have completed intro puzzles already.

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What's a few days?

It's been a week since the last update, and it's still annoying me with opening the first training puzzle every time the client restarts.

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We should have an update to fix this in the new couple days...

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this has been released


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